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Planning to buy your dream home, moving to a bigger home, confronting divorce, moving, or you're leasing out your home? Maybe it's empty, or not even livable, or you're simply ready to move on from it - it doesn't matter to us. We help folks who have acquired an undesirable property, own an empty house, and want to sell your house fast in Indiana and in an easy process. Stonewood Acquisitions is one of the most experienced and reputed Home Buyer and company that is always available to fulfil your requirements.

We are a group of experienced specialists, family men, and results-driven people that aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. When you sell to us, all of our clients have 100% confidence that it is going into the right hands. No matter what the condition of your home is, we provide an offer immediately. As a small business focused on real estate we put a conscious effort to improve the vibrancy and desirability of neighborhoods in local communities.

Buying the perfect home and also at the most reasonable price is time consuming and not easy. So on behalf of our clients, we do it for them. Along with buying the home, we also provide the ideal home at the best price to our clients. When you are with Stonewood Acquisitions, you will feel assured that you will get your plans will kick into high gear after doing business with us.

We are an independent Home Buyer agency in Indianapolis that believes in providing ethical and honest service to clients. We Buy Houses Indianapolis. Trustworthiness, respectability and straightforwardness are the bleeding edges of our office's culture. It assists in giving the best quality of services workable for occupants living in all areas in Indiana. Our experienced group of specialists, property directors, and purchaser advocates will give you the desired skill required when selling, purchasing, or leasing your most valued belongings. Our professional property agents will put your needs first. As a result, you can easily list, sell and rent your properties privately without spending thousands on agent fees.

Stonewood Acquisitions provides you with the opportunity and right support to sell and buy your property. If you have to sell your home, then we can instantly provide you with a list of hundreds of buyers. Also, if you need new property, we can offer you various well-organized properties. We purchase houses as it. It means that you don't have to make any fixes. You only have to tell us about your closing date. You will save thousands on redesigns and pay zero real estate agent charges. We pay every end cost. With Stonewood Acquisitions, you will be guaranteed that the market's top methodologies and the business' top specialists will give you the most advantage and accomplish the most elevated deal as an incentive for your property.

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Property Type: For Sale
Price: $0.00
Sq Ft:
Lot Size:
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Basement: Yes
Garage: Yes
Pool: Yes


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