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Tulsa House Buyer is a real estate solutions company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We're a family-owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem, whether you're going through a foreclosure, can't sell your property, or just need to sell their house for all kinds of reasons.I recently sold a house with Tulsa House Buyer and all the process, my overall experience is awesome I felt 110% confident by partnering with them. They, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and managed the actual sale negotiation brilliantly. In addition, they were extremely responsive to every one of my questions, no matter how small. As I move forward to now BUY my next house, I am extremely certain Tulsa House Buyer will be the right partner to help me navigate this process. Buying houses these days is not easy especially when we all are avoiding public interaction. We buy houses in Tulsa this is something that every buyer wants to hear from their estate broker. Buying your dream house at a good price and your desired location can be a blessing. Tulsa has so many real estate brokers but finding a reliable one is not easy it's going to take time.

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Details and Specs

Property Type: For Sale
Price: $0.00
Sq Ft:
Lot Size:
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Basement: Yes
Garage: Yes
Pool: Yes


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