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I can help you find a new home with lower utility bills. Being comfortable with your realtor who is calm, confident and capable is the best way to get settled in Sedona or the Verde Valley. I love working with people, especially when we can get them moved into their dream home. Whether you are buying or selling, let's have a blast. Life is too short to have it any other way. - Sedona Real Estate | Valley Verde Homes | Sedona Homes | Sedona Real Estate Agent | Prescott Real Estate.

In sales, a unique value proposition does one thing well: it aligns the value the salesperson provides with what the customer values.

If the customer values service above all other things, the unique value proposition showcases how the salesperson provides customers service.

Before attempting to write a unique value proposition, real estate agents must understand what home sellers value.

Starting with customers can help you determine the best UVP for you.

Different Kinds of Property Sellers

Home sellers don't exist in a vacuum. They aren't all the same. Some home sellers might want to take the long-road to selling their home.

Others wish to sell their homes as soon as possible. Still others must sell their homes yesterday!

There are home sellers who flip homes for a living. Then, there are home sellers who aren't even home sellers!

They may own property that they wish to sell, commercial buildings, or property that exists on land. They may even want to sell land and no property at all.

There are a lot of different types of property sellers out there. That makes your job even more difficult.

Now that you know this, how can you possibly create a real estate UVP? You look inward at yourself. That's the way you create your UVP.

But before doing that, you must consider your customers. Who are they? What type of property do they own?

What Kind of Real Estate Agent Are You?

The first part of creating a unique value proposition in real estate is to consider the customers. You must realize the differences in customers. Then, you must consider your specific customers.

After you accomplish that, the key is to look at yourself. Inspect and define yourself. What kind of real estate agent are you?

Do you have a niche? Do you operate in a specific way?

Real estate agents must do this before creating a unique value proposition statement because by doing so, they can pair who they are to their customers.

Or, another way to say this is that real estate agents can pair who they are to the customers they want.

When a seller lead lands at your feet, the first thing you want to do is get the lead.

The first thing the lead considers is this: cost benefit = value.

A customer, even subconsciously, thinks about their cost.

When it comes to real estate agents, the cost benefit the customer considers is time.

Should I waste my time considering this real estate agent to help me sell my commercial property? My home? My land?

That's the question the customer considers. Which is why you, the real estate agent must consider these questions before writing your UVP:/""??"

Do I prefer selling commercial property or homes?

Do I want to sell land?

Do I want to sell to families?

Do I want to operate outside of my neighborhood?

The above statements discuss a niche. But you don't have to develop a niche.

You mustn't be the real estate agent that only sells commercial property or family homes in a specific neighborhood.

What you must do before developing an effective UVP is to think about what you want to sell as a real estate agent.

If it's a niche, then you consider those niche customers.

If it's everything, you create a unique value proposition that appeals to the "everyday" customer.

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