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Borne out of a passion for unmatched efficiency, uncompromising quality and delivering of high valued services in the Home Construction business, Pyramid Homes has continued to faithfully keep to its grand vision and mission of creating high valued homes in Texas since 1993. Our company thrives when our customers' dreams of owning their own custom built homes come true. As a matter of fact, it is our pleasure to be part of our clients' success story.
We have evolved from mere local home builders in Tyler, TX to become the best regional Residential Building Contractor and General Home Contractor in Texas. For every building construction project we embark upon, we leave our indelible signature behind - the signature of creating excellent value for our esteemed clients.

In compliance with the National Green Building Standard, all homes we work on are green built. We ensure that our residential home construction projects are executed using state-of-the-art materials, and innovative designs coupled with our superior craftsmanship and expertise while maintaining the highest form of building standards. This we do in other to continue to demonstrate the leadership role we play as the topmost custom home builder and real estate developer in Tyler Texas.

As the foremost real estate agency in Tyler, Texas, Pyramid Homes remains the first choice for those who wish to purchase custom homes for sale in Tyler Texas and our consistency in successfully handling these real estate deals is evidence of our competence. Ever since 1998 when Pyramid Homes unveiled its first neighborhood in East Texas, we have maintained our commitment to the building of smart custom homes for sale. Up till date, our penchant for upholding high quality in custom home plans has remained intact.

Founding Principles
To this day, Pyramid Homes remain true to the fundamental principles upon which it was built. These founding principles are a firm commitment to impeccable integrity, high quality, value creation, and energy efficiency in the area of residential home construction and construction of superb custom homes. Our clients and associates are our greatest assets; therefore, we ensure that we spare no quality when meeting their building construction needs. This has endeared us to our teeming clients across the East Texas region.

Our Community Involvement
With a firm belief in "doing the right thing for the right reason," coupled with the fact that we care deeply for our communities, Pyramid Homes has been strongly committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work using several means to help build better communities. We do not engage in elaborate shows of giving; that has never been our style in Pyramid Homes. Giving our time and hearts to those who may not be able to help themselves is our major concern in our Giving Back to Our Community programs.

We engage all available resources and expertise to ensure that we not only deliver high-quality homes for sale in Tyler Texas, but we also make sure that we protect the environments and communities we work in during and after our building constructions. Safe and healthy homes ensure a healthy community.

Employee Community Service
We support and encourage our employees to combine their skills and expertise, including their passion for creating remarkable value for non-profit organizations in the communities we work. Community-based initiatives that engage our employees in participating in civic responsibilities are a welcomed development in Pyramid Homes. We believe in genuinely serving our communities.

Pyramid Homes - we are the leading real estate agents as well as the topmost custom home builders in Tyler, Texas. Contact us today, and you will be glad you did.

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