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O2 Mold Testing is a mold inspection company specializing in detecting and preventing mold growth in living spaces in Miami, FL . We follow all mold remediation protocols to ensure that your property is mold-safe. A mold inspection consists of checking the air conditioning for mold, surface sampling, air sampling, moisture mapping for hidden leaks, and visual inspection for mold growth. 816 NW 11th St Miami, FL 33136 Call us now at 786-744-4320 to get a free consultation!

We have some of the best tools to give you results that you can bank on. Our inspectors are well trained to identify mold wherever they are in your home. With their experience, they know where to check. With their tools and testing methods, they can confirm if the suspicions are correct.

All our mold inspectors have certified skills coupled with the required years of experience to give you quality service. In addition, we equip all of our experts with adequate safety gear. So, when they get to you, they give you quality service without putting you, your neighbors, and even themselves at risk while at their job.

So, if you have a feeling mold could be in your property in Miami, FL, do not waste any more time. Call one of our representatives right now and secure an appointment before things get out of hand. The earlier you get the mold testing done, the earlier you can start removing the mold in your property.

Don't waste any more time delaying. Your family's health and wellbeing are in your hands!

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